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Loved by Kids & Approved by Parents. Teenpreneur, Alina's, Zollipops & Zaffi Taffy are the #1 best-selling delicious natural healthy candy to keep everyone smiling! Zolli candy are vegan, KETO, gluten-free, sugar-free, allergy-free, diabetic-friendly, Non-GMO, natural flavors & colors, Kosher candy. Zolli Candy are supercharged with smile-friendly ingredients to actually help clean your teeth. Over 400 Million earned media impressions including CNN, ABC, Inside Edition, Business Insider, GMA Shark Tank, Steve Harvey, Scholastic and at the White House Easter events with Michelle Obama! Zolli Candy contribute 10% of Profits and MILLIONS of ZOLLIPOPS to Schools, Verified social media influencer. National media. https://zollipops.com/ https://www.instagram.com/zollicandy/

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  • Zaffi Taffy
  • Zolli Ball PopZ
  • Zolli Candy
  • Zolli Caramelz
  • Zolli Drops
  • Zolli PB Cups
  • Zollipops

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